Hermes Clima  is an online store for the supply of air conditioning systems and accessories for them.

Place of delivery and address: Mr. Plovdiv, ex. "Cave Road" 133

Assistant for monitoring the day: Mr. Plovdiv, ex. "Cave Road" 133

Company details: Mr. Plovdiv, ex. "Cave Road" 133

EIK: 200466644


Phone: 0700 50 081 / 032 39 69 54

What does the "Standard installation" package include?

Delivery of the air conditioning system to the object, materials and installation techniques;

Assembly of the inner / outer body, including parts;

Installation of 1 technological hole in the wall;

Laying of a refrigerated pipe route from copper pipes, including thermal insulation with a length of up to 3 linear meters;

Condensation pipeline with a length of up to 3 linear meters;

Communication cable with a length of up to 3 linear meters, plug - 1 bp.;

Inner and outer body binding, vacuuming, drying and drying of the system;

Collection of repairs and large assembly waste;

Shipping costs and prices:

The delivery of all orders from the online store over 500 BGN is free* to the carpets throughout the city;

The price for the delivery of all orders under 500 BGN is calculated by the Cyprus company;

Missing orders will result in our representative contacting the client by phone to confirm the order;

*Delivery of climate systems outside the city. Lovdiv will pay an additional transport fee of BGN 0.90 per kilometer, which will be charged to the customer (this fee applies only to air conditioners, which are students c assembly);

We offer immediate delivery and installation of air conditioners that answer the phone first.


The warranty is valid on the condition that the assembly is performed by the designated assembly base, which accepts the gap for support;

The installation is performed by authorized persons at the client's home/office/property or at the visa;

Warranty support is free in the event of a manufacturing defect;

The free warranty  visa is canceled in the following cases:

Deleted, incomplete or inaccurate data;

Unexpected gaps from the gap cap;

The rules for expansion and exploitation, which began in the application instruction, have been observed.

or because the product was not used as intended;

Official attempt to repair the defect of the unregistered visa;

Damage caused by natural disasters, storms, floods, lightning, power surges and other overvoltages other than the power supply;

The power of the yped does not meet the needs of the room (with the specified pressures in the assembly and the determination of the necessary power, the base material is not recognized of the response after the defect is detected during the gap period);

At the client's request, an air conditioner with a power smaller than the required one is installed;

The remote control, the plastic parts of the front panel, ventilation shafts, etc. are not subject to maintenance.

The visit of the specialist at the request of the client and the note of gap defect or unsecured items according to item 6 and item 7 are paid by the customer according to the customs tariff.

The Garantee  payment does not cover the transit charges, which are paid by the client, separately, according to the visa tariff;

The incomplete operation of the climate system in the "Heating" mode at low temperatures and high humidity is subject to periodic maintenance;

The warranty period for the product begins to run from the date of installation, but no later than 2 months from the date of its delivery;

After carrying out the technical prophylaxis, require the technical persons to fill in the corresponding coupon;

The services of MOHTAGE and DEMOHTAGE of the air conditioning system are paid by the client and are not subject to submission upon complaint (return of the climate system);

The complaint shall appear in person or in writing;

With regard to the trade margin, the supplier is responsible for the customer's response to the contract for the supply of the margin under Art. 112 – 115 of 33Π;

Capital coverage of the trade warranty - The Bulgarian People's Republic.

Delivery and product review:

Upon receipt of the page, the user is obliged to view it immediately and in the event that In the case of obvious defects, the adhesion of any of the supporting components and/or of the and to provide the documents required by Bulgarian legislation, immediately inform the person making the delivery. If you don't do what you think is acceptable, then  The buyer loses the right to claim that it was delivered to me with obvious defects,  the bond of one of the defendants and/or of the defendant  Bulgarian legal documents. Complaints about goods lost through the online store perform in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code and the Civil Code (for citizens only) and/or the tips and tricks of their trade warranty .


According to Art. 112 of the Civil Code, in case of non-compliance of the product with the sale transaction,

the user has the right to file a claim, as a request from the Seller to bring

the goods in accordance with the sales transaction. In this case, the User may

between carrying out the repair of the goods or the exchange chooses with a new one, unless that

is impossible or the method of compensation chosen by him is disproportionate c

comparison with the other. It is believed that a given way to indemnify the User is

disproportionate, if you use them imposes the costs of the Seller, which in

comparison with the other way of compensation with unreasonableness, taking into account:

the value of the consumer good if there is no lack of discrepancy; the significance of

the discrepancy, the possibility to offer the User another way of

compensation that is not associated with significant inconvenience for him.

A buyer who has the quality of a user within the meaning of the PPE, concluded a contract from

distance , has the right within 14 days to unconditionally withdraw from a contract from

distance or from a contract outside a commercial establishment without stating a reason without to

owes compensation or penalty and without paying any costs, s

excluding those for delivery in case he has chosen a different than the standard most

an inexpensive way for the merchant to ship the order, as well as the costs of the return

of the goods back as provided for in the Consumer Protection Act within 14 days

according to the contract types specified return conditions.

No possibility of return/recovery from the "installation" service.

In case you find any irregularity in delivery, installation or the following

operation of the product, please contact us immediately.

Place of delivery and address: Mr. Plovdiv, ex. "Cave Road" 133

Apec for the observance of the day: Mr. Plovdiv, ex. "Cave Road" 133

Company details: Mr. Plovdiv, ex. "Cave Road" 133

EIK: 200466644


Tel.: 0700 50 081 / 032 39 69 54

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