According to Art. 112 of the Civil Code, in case of non-compliance of the product with the sale transaction, the user has the right to file a claim by asking the Seller to bring the goods in accordance with the sales transaction. In this case, the User may chooses between repairing the goods or exchanging them for a new one, unless this is impossible or the method of compensation chosen by him is disproportionate c comparison with the other. It is believed that a given way to indemnify the User is disproportionate if its use imposes costs on the Seller, which in comparison with the other method of compensation are unreasonable, taking into account:

the value of the consumer good if there is no lack of discrepancy; the significance of the discrepancy, the possibility to offer the User another way of compensation that is not associated with significant inconvenience to him.

A buyer who has the status of a user within the meaning of the EPA, concluded a contract from distance , has the right within 14 days to unconditionally withdraw from a contract from distance or from a contract outside the commercial premises without stating a reason without to

owes compensation or penalty and without paying any costs, s except for those for delivery in the event that he has chosen a different than the standard most a cost-effective way for the merchant to ship the order, as well as return costs of the goods back as provided for in the Consumer Protection Act within 14 days according to the contract types specified return conditions.

No possibility of return/recovery from the "installation" service.

In the event that you find any irregularity in the delivery, installation or subsequent

operation of the product, please contact us immediately.

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